Of dreams to drive

Without Soichiro Honda would have no history. Soichiro had a dream, and made this during his very long career where – by the first motorized bicycle to HondaJet and Asimo.

The perfume of petrol

The beginning of the dream – Soichiro Honda sees a car for the first time in his life, and his life will never be the same.

Our first car was a bicycle


Created in 1946, Soichiro are first vehicle with drive – a motorized bicycle.

It was difficult times in post-war Japan. There were but few cars and even fewer motorcycles.

Soichiro saw a ability to easily transport for all. Using a bicycle, an old legerradio generator and a little imagination he created a simple motorized bicycle, which the daily life of many people a lot easier.

This idea, mobility for everyone, was the germ for the dream that Honda eventually would produce all types of means of transport for all people.

Why sticking to two wheels?

Soichiro decided his first car in 1963.

The Japanese Government found this however not a good idea and devised a law allowing Honda would be forced to only to produce motorcycles. But Soichiro was known as someone who likes his own thing. And so he went through with his plan and he created the S500 Roadster.

This was not only Honda's first car – it was also the first red car in Japan. The Japanese streets and freeways suddenly got a lot more colorful.

Cleaning in America

When the u.s. Government decided the Clean Air Act in 1970, most car manufacturers that it was impossible to meet these new standards.

At Honda, we knew not so much about air pollution. But we knew our CVCC engine had a pretty low emissions of harmful gases. After much experimentation and testing, our engine was the first to meet the standards in the Clean Air Act. And we put our excited on to keep the air as clean as possible, a conviction that among other things packed is in our eco-friendly Earth Dreams engines.

All your first fails

The S2000. A gift from Honda to Honda for the 50th anniversary of the company. At least, that was it, until our Director there a ride with it.

After only one lap he gave the keys back and he suggested one simple question: "Is this the best you can do?"

A year later, Honda gave himself a gift for the 51st birthday. The Honda S2000. Dreams turned out to be more important than deadlines.


Honda S2000

The original, rounder prototype-made for Honda's 50th anniversary.

Future dreams

We are already more than 70 years, but as far as we are concerned, we are just beginning.

We're going to take on new challenges, and other dreams. We want to make things better and help the world more effective.

We have made cars with an electric motor and fuel cell, like the FCX Clarity, which emit only clean water, and we have the Sun used to propel a game-winning car: the Honda Dream.

So if this Honda is now, how does Honda there tomorrow?