Honda e:Ny1

Meet Honda's first electric SUV. This car combines a bold and fluid appearance with a state-of-the-art powertrain, complemented by an advanced and refined interior. The e:Ny1 is the zero-emission vehicle for the new generation.

No emissions. Boundless adventure.

A powerful electric motor
delivers an output of 150 kW/204 hp and a torque of
Nm. The range
is up to 412 km on
a single charge.*

*e:Ny1 WLTP data

The e:Ny1 combines
zero-emission driving with
exhilarating performance.

15.1" Infotainment system -
with Android Auto and Apple

Charge up to 80% in just 45

*Charging time of 10%-80% with a
100 kW charger

Emission-free lifestyle

We deliberately designed this electric SUV for the next generation. With a range of up to 412 km per charge and the ability to recharge up to 100 km in just 11 minutes*, you're ready for any expedition.

You have a choice of two connectors, for home and for public charging, and you can control remote charging with the My Honda+ app for ultimate efficiency.

*When using a 100 kW charger

Smart and stylish, inside and out

The coupé-style design of the e:Ny1 shows simple, minimalist lines. The retractable panel on the front cleverly hides the charging port. At the rear, you'll find hidden door handles and taillights that run all over the back.

Inside, the panoramic glass roof makes you feel like you're still outside — wherever you travel.

Take a closer look at the e:Ny1.

Stylish 18" alloy wheels Stylish 18" alloy wheels Easily accessible charging port, placed at the front of the car
Ergonomic chairs in faux leather Stylish, new e:Ny1 badge Comprehensive 15.1" Honda CONNECT system

Technology that does the work for you

Inside, the 15.1" infotainment system gives you access to Honda CONNECT, provides information about the charging process and manages the indoor climate. In addition, our 10.2" driver display shows you all the information you need. You can set the view to your own preference.

You can charge your smartphone wirelessly or via one of the USB ports. Thanks to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can listen to your favorite music or podcast through the six speakers.

Safety for the whole family

The latest Honda SENSING safety technology gives you access to advanced safety features. The combination of radars, sensors and cameras thus ensures optimal rider assistance on the road. In addition, our comprehensive multi-camera system guides you when driving in tight spaces. And thanks to the Honda Parking Pilot*, you can park your e:Ny1 at the touch of a button.

* Only available in the Advance version.

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