Honda Civic 5-door 2015

Advanced and sporty

The Perfect Ride

Meticulously finished for a breathtaking look and a sporty feeling.

The new Civic five-door is refined, reviewed and redesigned – an exciting step forward in the evolution of the car.

More power, less fuel

For performance

1.8 liter i-VTEC engine

For efficiency

1.6 liter i-DTEC diesel engine

Always up to date

View the new Honda Connect system

Brilliant ideas

Totally new

LED daytime running lights with rounded headlights

Star performance in every area.

With its cleverly designed mix of style, sportsmanship, efficiency and safety crosses the Honda Civic all the boxes in terms of excitement and functionality.

A dream come true

Let yourself be surprised by our technology.

Our Earth Dreams philosophy is very simple: we want to pursue optimal driving pleasure and at the same time protect our environment.

Earth Dreams Technology, which is the name for our new generation of engines and drive systems specifically designed to increase performance and yet the environmental impact as small as possible.


The new Civic is available in a 1.6 i-DTEC engine Earth dreams